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Tape is probably the one product that is essential for almost every packaging and shipping application. Despite the many uses of corrugated boxes, almost all of them are virtually useless without tape to hold them together. We offer a variety of non-industry specific tapes to meet your various needs. Most of these products are easily customizable to feature your company’s logo, design, or brand name such as Alaska Ice ™. Not seeing what you’re looking for in stock? Let us find a solution that works best for you.


  • 2”x110yd, 2mil Packing Tape Available in Clear or Tan (36 rolls/cs)

  • 3”x110yd, 2mil Packing Tape Available in Clear (24 rolls/cs)

  • 2” Mousetrap Tape Dispenser Sold individually

  • 3” Mousetrap Tape Dispenser Sold Individually

  • 2”x1000yd, 2mil Machine Tape Available in Clear (6 rolls/cs)

  • 2”x60yd Utility Grade Duct Tape (24 rolls/cs)

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