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Commitment to Oil and Gas


At Alaska Packaging, Inc. we understand and embrace the diversity of the Alaskan and Pacific Northwest economies.  Commercial and sports fishing, as well as tourism, are vital to both economies, but equally so are oil, gas, and mining operation.  In Alaska, we have the opportunity to see these major industries work seamlessly together - creating a thriving economy with a dedication to protecting our ever rich natural resources.  As a uniquely Alaskan company, we have a commitment to provide products to all of our major industries, offering stainless steel and recycled plastic industrial bulk containers (IBC's), heavy duty pallets, and mixing salt, among other products and services.

IBC's / Parts

Manufactured stainless steal IBC's include features to meet today's industry standard while providing customizable options to meet your specific needs.  Call for a quote today!






Valve Repair Kits

Vents, Caps, Plugs

Gaskets, Protectors

Decals, Tags

Clamp Rings, Closures, Collars, Patches

Covers, Manways

Adapters, Elbows, Nipples, Couplings

Bolts, Nuts, Handles





Specialty Items

Heating Devices

Standard Tanks

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