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Styro Boxes (EPS)


A staple of the food packaging industry, styro boxes ensure freshness on arrival.  Combined with a self contained coolant, these containers are designed to keep your perishable product fresh until it reaches consumers.  Contact us today for a quote.


Why styro?

  • It's airtight - Giving maximum protection against temperature fluctuations.

  • It's durable - Combined with a corrugated master carton, styro boxes exceed a 1000 pound stacking strength.

  • It's cost effective - Minimum weight with maximum protection.  Styro is less expensive to purchase than comparable shipping mediums and doesn't add considerable weight to your product.

  • It's customizable - The styro box or lid themselves can be embossed with virtually any logo or design without compromising the structural integrity.  Also, the master carton can be printed with your company's logo or design giving your business the edge against the competition.

  • It's reusable - Styro gets a bad name for not being a green product because many end users simply throw it away.  Truth be told, a properly shipped and packed styro box and its master carton can be reused again and again.

Styro Dimensions Sheet

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