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Retort Pouches


Retort pouches are constructed using high quality film lamination intended to withstand thermal processing. Retort pouches provide the shelf-stability of metal cans, while maintaining the texture and nutrient value associated with frozen foods. This technology is considered one of the most significant advances in food packaging.

The standard pouches are available in gold and contain a product safety warning printed in black. 


Equipped with the latest retort pouch technology, Alaska Packaging is your retort packaging expert. Our retort pouches are used to package many commercial food grade products such as seafood, beans, meats, and other prepared meal items.

Contact our sales staff today to work with you to determine and design the perfect structure for your processing and distribution needs. Features include:

  • Increased shelf life

  • Improved stability through distribution

  • Value-added features such as steam release packaging, easy pour spouts, and custom closures

  • Custom graphics

  • High pressure pasteurization

  • Retort cooking

  • Shelf-stable products

  • Microwavable packages

  • Foil structures and forming films

Alaska Packaging can custom print your retort pouches, call us today for a quote.

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