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Fresh Liners


Airline requirements for shipping fresh product are no less than a 4mil poly liner, hence the term “fresh liner.” These durable poly liners are most commonly used to pack a wet-lock box along with a foil bubble insert to ensure water resistance and additional insulation for products that require minimal refrigeration in shipping. All of our fresh liners are airline and FDA approved. All of our stock fresh liners come in a standard clear. However, custom sizes and colors are available upon request. Contact us today for a quote.


  • 25# Fresh Liner Dimensions: 40x23, 4mil (200/roll) 

  • 50# Fresh Liner Dimensions: 50x43, 4mil (110/roll) 

  • 80# Fresh Liner Dimensions: 50x43, 4mil (100/roll) 

  • 100# Fresh Liner Dimensions: 58x50, 4mil (85/roll) 

  • 100# Halibut Liner Dimensions: 41x20x34, 4mil (100/roll)

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