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Export Liners


We offer a number of standard export or freezer liners for your various packaging needs. An export liner is a 1.25-3mil poly liner designed to provide minimal water protection for frozen products such as any water accumulation due to defrosting in transit. Export liners are also perfect for retail applications to avoid cross contamination. All of our liners are FDA Approved. The below listings are our standard stock export liners, these liners come stock in clear, but are easily customized to meet your needs.


  • 3# Liner Dimensions: 10x16, 3mil (1000/cs) 

  • 10# Liner Dimensions: 17x11x18, 1.25mil (1000/cs) 

  • 10# Liner Long Dimensions: 17x11x25, 1.25mil (500/cs) 

  • 20# Crab Liner Dimensions: 24x16x28, 1.25mil (500/cs) 

  • 50# Export Liner Dimensions: 31x16x30, 1.5mil (375/roll) 

  • 80# Export Liner Dimensions: 38x16x30, 1.5mil (375/roll) 

  • 100# Export Liner Dimensions: 40x16x33, 1.5mil (350/roll) 

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