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Cello Bags


Cellophane bags or “cello” bags are typically used in gift packs or retail display packaging. Compared to a polypropylene bag, cellophane is made from regenerated cellulose derived from wood, hemp, cotton, or other organic sources. A cello bag itself is 100% biodegradable and it’s permeability to moisture makes cellophane the ideal product for products such as fresh flowers that need to “breathe” while in storage. Due to the fact that there is a smaller demand for cello bags than poly bags and liners, we carry a relatively small stock. However, we have the capability to produce virtually any size cello bag or liner depending on your needs.


  • 20x16, 1.2mil (1000/cs) 

  • 20x24, 1.2mil (1000/cs) 

  • 24x16, 1.2mil (500/cs) 

  • 24x30, 1.2mil (500/cs) 

  • 25x30, 1.2mil (500/cs)

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