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Gel Packs


Gel ice packs and blankets are cost effective self-contained coolants used for shipping both fresh and frozen products. When shipping frozen products, we recommend packing frozen gel packs along with dry ice depending on the estimated ship time. Most low weight frozen products ship overnight to their destination even from Alaska, so you can typically expect about 24 hours from the time a product is packaged to the time it arrives at its final destination. Check shipping times with your carrier prior to packing your product so you can ensure your product is fresh on arrival to your customers.


Alaska Ice Brand ™ Gel Products are designed to freeze solid and defrost slower than non-commercial grade gel products. Our gel packs are made from an FDA approved non-toxic polymer sealed inside a poly bag and are completely reusable by their end user. We offer custom printed gel pack bags and bulk polymer to our customers who wish to manufacture gel packs at their processing facility. Contact us today for a quote on Alaska Ice ™ or Custom Gel Packs.


Alaska Ice ™ is available in:

  • 1.5# Gel Packs (24/cs)

  • Frozen 1.5# Gel Packs (20/cs)

  • 1# Gel Packs (36/cs)

  • .5# Gel Packs (48/cs)

  • 18.5” Perforated Gel Pack Blankets

  • Bulk Polymer (40#/cs)

Rules and regulations for polymer disposal vary by location. Check your with your local waste management prior to disposing of a used gel pack. If there are any questions please see the attached MSDS Sheets for more information regarding the gel pack polymer.


Standard Sizes:  0.5 lbs, 1lb, and 1.5 lbs

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