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Misc Poly Bags and Sheeting


We keep a variety of poly bags and sheeting in stock that don’t necessarily have an industry standard use. All of these products are, however, FDA approved for use with perishable products. Contact us today for a quote!


  • 22x14x25, .8mil Clear Bags (500/cs) 

  • 14x20, 1mil Clear Sheets (2000/cs) 

  • 31x14x26, 1mil Clear Bags (500/cs) 

  • 30x36, 1.1mil Black Bags (250/cs) 

  • 13x21, 1.25mil Clear Bags (1000/cs) 

  • 13x40, 1.25mil Clear Bags (1000/cs) 

  • 28x15x26, 1.3mil Clear Bags (250/cs)

  • 34x16x33, 1.5mil Clear Bags (200/cs)

  • 34x15x36, 2mil Clear Bags (200/cs) 

  • 42x18x33, 2mil Clear Bags (250/roll)

  • 45x24x45, 2mil Clear Bags (200/roll)

  • 50x40x66, 2.5mil Clear Bags (50/roll) 

  • 50x42x108, 2mil Blue Tint Bags (50/roll) 

  • 51x49x73, 2mil Clear Liner (75/roll) 

  • 8x12, 3mil Clear Bags (1000/cs) 

  • 9x12, 3mil Clear Bags (1000/cs) 

  • 9x18, 3mil Clear Bags (1000/cs) 

  • 12x22, 3mil Vented Clear Bags (350/roll) 

  • 24x16x28, 3mil Clear Bags (200/cs) 

  • 25x20x30, 3mil Clear Bags (175/roll) 

  • 55x52x74, 3mil Black Opaque Bag (75/roll) 

  • 38x64, 4mil Clear Bags (100/roll)  I

  • 38x65, 4mil Black Opaque Bags (100/roll) 

  • 6x10, 4mil White Opaque Bags (2000/cs) 

  • 34.5x40.5, 4mil Blue Tint Sheets (500/roll) 

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